The Learn Dowsing Handbook - David Green

The Learn Dowsing Handbook

By David Green

  • Release Date: 2012-03-29
  • Genre: Self-Improvement


THE LEARN DOWSING HANDBOOK, inspired by THE DOWSING COMPANION from the same author, provides a practical, easy to follow introduction to the art and skill of pendulum dowsing.

This little book provides the reader with the most important first steps to learn the process and practical procedures for divining with a pendulum, including an explanation of what dowsing is, its dynamics, the basic pendulum chart, grounding and protection, and how to programme your unconscious mind to intuitively connect and communicate with your pendulum.

Answering the most common questions asked by first time dowsers, THE LEARN DOWSING HANDBOOK gives you everything you need to open the door to your own unconscious mind and experience the science of intuition for yourself.

Eye opening, practical and informative, this book is one of the most effective learn dowsing how-to books available today. - Интернет-магазин учебной литературы